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the story of cake

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. It means more than you know.

We started Cake because we couldn't find products made for how we like to play. Turns out, neither could our friends. The result? Tailor-made products for the bedroom, inspired by real couples, and designed for specific types of play.

Each product is made from the highest quality ingredients, produced with love in California, and delivered directly to doorsteps across the U.S. We hope everything we make will help our customers feel good, connect to their partner(s), and have fun.

Explore our site and shout with any questions or feel free to provide feedback about anything—truly, we want to know.


Hunter & Mitch

why cake exists

Relationships have changed. Products 
haven’t. Enter Cake.

our product,
inspired by real people

Our products are based on ideas and feedback we get directly from our customers. Let us know what's missing, what's amazing, or how we can improve. We want our customers to feel more pleasure and have more fun. Let us know how we can help—seriously.

confusion-free shopping

No more awkward drugstore browsing, judgy cashier, or confusing array of products. Just the good stuff, sent straight to your doorstep.

the highest quality products. period.

We work with the best ingredients, packaged in attractive (if we do say so ourselves!), non-drip, easy-to-use bottles. No fuss, more pleasure. 

Our Principles

We believe all bodies deserve pleasure and that healthy sex is an important part of a happy life.

We believe that everyone deserves fulfilling intimate relationships and that intimacy with yourself and others should be enjoyed fully, free of shame or guilt.

We believe in being non-judgmental, respectful and moving forward with (and only with) clear, enthusiastic, genuine consent, always. 



Carrie is Cake's first employee and we've never been more thankful for that decision back when Cake was still just an idea. Carrie brings 20+ years of experience in formulating products in the health and wellness space. She's also been at the helm of launching some of the top rated products for bedroom fun sold in the the market today.



Cathy received her Columbia MBA in 2018. Since then, she has advised 20+ CPG startups on strategic finance and operational accounting, helping them getting off the ground and grow. Prior to MBA, she was an auditor at KPMG and financial analyst at HP.



Emily is our resident master extraordinaire at making sexual health look gooooood. She is thinking (and rethinking) daily how to show the spectrum of sexualities, genders and preferences inside the bedroom.



Holden keeps Operations runnin’ smoothly by making sure Cake’s gears are all lubed up. He is a passionate environmentalist who’s motivated by furthering sustainability efforts worldwide and bringing people together.


Co-founder & CEO

'Why not try to help as many people as we can.' That one idea has now turned into all things Cake. What gets Hunter out of bed every morning? The ability to have a conversation with one person, create a product specifically for them and see how much joy it can bring others.


Co-Founder & CMO

'Helping people have more fun? Yeah, let's do that.'
Mitch's responses to Hunter's notion of helping the world have more fun. As self-described, 'hella gay,' Mitch saw the options out there and didn't feel any exactly spoke to him. That's why he's joined up with the Cake team to make real products he and his friends can actually enjoy.

Zero Tolerance

Cake is a zero tolerance organization. What does that mean? It means that we believe in fairness, equality, representation and mutual respect—always.

These principles guide the team members we hire and the companies we choose to collaborate with. We will only partner with people, companies, and organizations that are respectful, inclusive, and empathetic. Anyone who doesn’t embody these values doesn’t have a place with us.

If any person or company associated with Cake is ever involved in an act of discrimination, sexual harassment, hostility, or disrespect, Cake is committed to addressing and correcting it swiftly and with consequence.